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Cheshire - Created by Alter Imaging
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When suddenly remembering something stupid that I did like ten years ago.

I have never seen an more accurate depiction



When suddenly remembering something stupid that I did like ten years ago.

I have never seen an more accurate depiction

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Vengan pa aca mierda


Vengan pa aca mierda

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I know you don’t like to talk, but you gotta do it for her.

This arc took a total of three scenes in the season (four if you count the scene where she’s not in the visiting room) and it still carried more weight than everything Larry’s dealt with the entire series.

this guy is like 50000x more important than Larry.

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Oh my gosh this is legit one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life!  This is SO COOL, seriously just click on it, oh my gosh. This is how I imagined wizard duels I actually like this better than the duels in the movie because there are spells that actually do things other than make stuff explode.  If I didn’t know better I would have thought that this was professionally made, WOW. <3

whoever did the cgi for this needs to be hired for the next movies made after J.K. Rowlings future books/screenplays. This is fucking amazing.

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Orange Is The New Black cast attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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have a cute jumping aang!!!(ノ´∀`)[ref]


have a cute jumping aang!!!(ノ´∀`)[ref]

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The Runaway Bride // The End of Time 

come full circle
  • to return to the original position or state of affairs
  • if something or someone has come full circle after changing a lot, they are now the same as they were at the beginning
  • to return to the same situation or attitude you originally had

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“Rawr!” is today’s tee on www.Qwertee.com going live in just 15 minutes!

Get this great design now for the super price of £8/€10/$12 for 24 hours only. 

Be sure to “Like” this for 1 chance at a FREE TEE today, “Reblog” it for 2 chances and “Follow” us for a 3rd chance (if you’re not already:) Thanks Guys!


“Rawr!” is today’s tee on www.Qwertee.com going live in just 15 minutes!

Get this great design now for the super price of £8/€10/$12 for 24 hours only.

Be sure to “Like” this for 1 chance at a FREE TEE today, “Reblog” it for 2 chances and “Follow” us for a 3rd chance (if you’re not already:) Thanks Guys!

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If you don’t love Wallace, you’re wrong.

who wouldnt reblog wallace wells

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